The Jewel of Jiāngzhōu

Calm Before the Storm

Thunder Rumbles in the Distance

One month before the confrontation with the butchers, a promise sworn on Liu Zhi’s warriors honor to give Golden Rat Ban the scroll.

Liu Zhi sought allies for the fight. Reaching out to the Hidden Princess, the Demon Slaying Sword Sect, and the Glorious Kingfishers.

Mo Jun also reached out, only to find his onetime allies embroiled in a gang war between the 38 Dragons and the 9413 Hungry Devils and unable to offer help. Undaunted Mo sought power through other means. Stealing the scroll, Mo studied it many nights seeking to integrate the lessons without succumbing to the Record’s malignant wisdom.

At the meeting of the Demon Slaying Sword Sect, one of the elder members recognized the scroll as the infamous Record of the Devil General. Written on flayed human skin, the scroll contained secret battle sutras of a demonic army banished by the first Emperor of Shénzhōu long ago.

Hearing this, Mo swore to never read the scroll again, but his Awakened Po would not give up the scroll easily. It lashed out at all around him, striking down Jin in a Black Rage. At any other time the Raging Demon would have made off with the scroll, but here surrounded by 8 Taoist exorcists there was little the nascent demon could do but be torn screaming and bleeding from Mo Jun, bisecting his soul as a consequence of rejecting this part of himself.

The Demon Slaying Sword Sect sought to take the scroll for safe keeping but relented when they discovered Liu swore on his honor to return it. None of these exorcists were willing to violate the honor of the jianghu, even to contain a dangerous demonic relic of overwhelming power.

Meili took to life as a Butcher with ease. Falling into a new rhythm as #9 Brass Monkey. Extorting “toll” money from traveling merchants. Her new social club drew in each Butcher at least once; strengthening bonds among the group. Under her guidance the ruins of Two Thunders Academy have begun to be rebuilt as a school.

Yuki woke in the forest with blood in her mouth, a dead man with throat torn out lay next to her. Following the trail of devastation back to a small logging camp. Only one gravely wounded young boy survived. He spoke of a wolf and fox demon that tore apart the camp.

Unable to abandon the wounded child, Yuki took him to the monastery. They walked for 3 days, the boy never slept overwhelmed with trauma and continually muttering “can’t sleep, demons will eat me”

At the temple, a well-meaning brother gave the young boy a soporific. As he fell asleep, bones splintered and muscles tore; transforming into the demon-wolf that tore apart the camp.

Clever Yuki conjured illusions upon illusions to confuse and lure the demon-wolf into the root cellar. There it stayed until Liu Zhi returned.

Liu exorcised the demon ridden boy only to discover as with the Jade-Eyed-Demon, it was a corrupted god, the Wood Wolf Star. Who had been warped into a demon by a Bodhist monk in the northern province of Huángzhōu.



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