The Jewel of Jiāngzhōu

The Jade Eyed Demon

Danger and Salvation in the Forest

Princess Yu was gravely wounded by the assassin. Who was thorough enough to sabotage the caravan’s medical supplies and kill the doctor.

With time running out, Mo Jun ran ahead to a little village along the road. Cutting through the forest, he was ambushed by a massive green-eyed tiger. Reflexes honed by the Lightning Serpent style were all that saved Mo Jun, rolling away as soon as the tiger’s claws pierced his back. Turning a killing blow to merely devastating. Running for the village, with death at his heels, Mo Jun’s years spent dodging guards along the rooftops of Băo Jiāng kept him out of the tigers jaws. Only to crash into a young bodhist monk one clear of the forest.

The young monk, Meili brought the wounded Mo Jun to the apprentice healer of the village: Little Sipping Water. Here we heard the desperate tale of the village, 20 people have been taken by the tiger, a new victim every night. One of the first was the village wise woman; Little Sipping Water’s Grandmother.

With the caravan’s arrival shortly after, it was discovered that the Yu’s wound was poisoned too. Only with the help of Meili were the wounds; 5 deep slices, finally closed even as the poison was slowly eating through the sutures. The only cure for the poison were the glowing white mushrooms that grew in the tiger’s lair.

Having been here some time Meile knew the way. Marching through the jungle, the Jade Eyed Demon tried to ambush them, but Meile warned the hunting party just in time. Battle was joined, and the demon lived up to it’s name. It ripped through the guards and tore of Jinn Yong’s arm. Mo Jun kept it distracted and eventually pinned the tiger’s hind leg with a spear.

Seeing his opportunity Liu Zhi began an exorcism of the Jade Eyed Demon. It tore free of the spear and the monk did not falter in his chants even as he was eviscerated by the demon.

All the while, Yuki ran ahead to the tiger’s lair. With the skulls of the Tiger’s victims crunching under her paws, Yuki crept forward, following her nose to the glowing mushrooms. She found a miraculously intact turnip sack and filled it with mushrooms.

Meile stood between the tiger and it’s prey, Mo Jun began chanting as well. At the sight of this the remaining guards rallied a spear wall around them. Their combined efforts halted the tiger’s charge as moments later Liu Zhi completed his sutras. The Jade Eyed Demon burst into hellish green flames. At their feet lay a bloodied and broken man, above him floated a radiant tiger spirit.

It bowed to them all saying “Thank you for breaking my curse” as it ascended to the heavens in pillar of golden light.

Yuki returned with the mushrooms to find the group bandaging up and carrying the wounded and dead back to the little village.

Little Sipping Water created a mighty poultice from the mushrooms. The poison was purged, and as the princess opened her eyes. Seeing Meile for the first time, a moment of realization passed between them, before the princess could say anything, Meile excused herself.

The night was somber and celebratory with baijiu flowing like water. The dead were mourned, the bodies cremated, and the villagers celebrated their liberation from the Demon.



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